#8224e3 Raised 7,000 $ towards the 10,000 $ target.
The LSU Alumni Association will begin to award the LSU Carolinas Scholarship when our scholarship trust reaches $10,000. The award at that time will be $250 per semester for an incoming freshman from the Charlotte metropolitan area. When the trust hits $20,000, the scholarship will award $500 per semester for the incoming freshman. Here is a link to the pdf of the executed LSU Carolinas Scholarship Agreement.

Here is a LSU Carolinas Scholarship funding Thank You note from Charlie Roberts, the President of the LSU Alumni Association, to all members of the LSU Carolinas Chapter. This is for our initial $2,000 donation.

After having a successful year in 2016, LSU Carolinas donated $3,000 to the fund in August of 2017 bringing the scholarship total to over $7,000.